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SG50 National Day Parade

The Singapore National Day Parade is held on the 9th of August every year in celebration of the countrys independence. On this occasion, tens and thousands of people from all walks of life gather to witness the nationwide ceremony that consist of parade and performances, aerial flypast, mobile column and culminates with the display of fireworks. In combination of white, red has been a traditional colour for the public outfit as together they formed the colour of Singapore national flag, with the latter standing for universal brotherhood and the equality of man.

This series has been taken on the actual day of the celebration in 2015, which has been an extremely significant and emotional one as it celebrates Singapore's 50 years of independence, at the same time pays tribute to the country's founding Prime Minister.

In a sea of red, the National Day Parade unites people both physically
and emotionally.
SG50 National Day Parade