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超越 (2015)

Imagine a space where reality and illusion juxtapose in harmony, what does it look like?

Transcendence is my applied study of aesthetics in the context of modern architectural photography. Inspired by the theories of Metaphysics, I seek to uncover the hidden beauty within the protean facade of modern architecture through an unconventional perspective, guided by philosophical and mathematical principles that portray the notion of beauty.

The series consists of a variety of buildings in different forms and functions that incorporate glass as part of their facade as a symbol of modernity. Through the glass as the medium, Transcendence allows the viewer to peek into a whole new dimension where two parallel worlds of illusion and reality are brought together into a new form of visual unity, displaying a harmonious mix of proportions, symmetries and orders.

Transcendence endeavours to celebrate the abstract beauty of modern architecture through discovering common lines, shapes and patterns that transcend spatial, functional and geographical boundaries.

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