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A Wes Anderson-ish Singapore Vol. 2 Online Premiere - 5 August 2023

Inspired by the cinematography of Wes Anderson (director of "Asteroid City" & “The Grand Budapest Hotel”), this National Day and in sync with the Singapore Premiere of Asteroid City, join us as we wrap up our epic 3-year architectural adventure documenting the built environment of the place we call home, in this latest architectural short film production: A Wes Anderson-ish Singapore Vol.2

The year is 2023, as we embrace the new normal, have a breath of the refreshing Singapore Air, and welcome back to our island, the tropical getaway and the City in Nature. Change happens very quickly here. We say hello to new landmarks in town and say goodbye to the memory makers of the built environment. From schools and museums, The Grand Singapore Hotels to tropical architectural and interior designs, our journey continues. Take a trip up memory lane, run with passion and compassion, embrace the tropical heat and feel the warmth of the places that we hold dear to our hearts.

A Wes Anderson-ish Singapore Vol.1 and 2 is a 3-year endeavour and an ode to the built environment of Singapore. The project started small as a photo trip around the CBD of Singapore Town back in 2020, and has since evolved into a committed documentary project that captured many different aspects of our urban land use, paying tribute to signature Wes Anderson aesthetics and infusing the style with Kevin’s own personal touch of cinematographic adaptations and localisations in the Singapore context. The scope of coverage comprises of famous architectural landmarks, educational institutions, public and private residential, commercial complex and retail malls, hotels to parks and road networks.

Catch the full short film from 5th August, 8pm:


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