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Corridors of Diversity - Short film featured on ArchDaily

It has been an extremely busy week. I am glad to officially release the latest short film produced by Shiya Studio - Corridors of Diversity!

Filmed in Singapore, “Corridors of Diversity” is a multi-layered showcase of urban planning, architectural and day-to-day elements that characterised the urban image of this high density city state. This short film is a montage of communal corridors along various HDB blocks of different regions, subzones and neighbourhoods, of different designs, each offering a unique view that forms an integral piece of the Singapore built environment.

I first started this project as a photographic series almost 3 years ago. While it all started unintentionally, over the years it has become a very important milestone for my photographic (and now) videographic pursuit. This project allowed me to grow as a photographer, it also made me aware of the constant changes Singapore’s built environment is going through. Many places have changed so much, some have even disappeared, and as such I decided to spend another 5 months of my time to document the project through another medium, more for keepsake of a place in time, which is how this short film came about. It may not capture every part of the island but I tried to include as much of the urban planning elements as possible, from zoning, land use, parks and waterbodies to urban, architectural and landscape design that helped to add on a distinctive character to different neighbourhoods. I hope someday I will be able to capture more corridors from all over the world.