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Exhibitor of Rotterdam Photo Festival 2019: City Limit

Updated: May 16, 2022

Only a few days has passed for 2019 and it has already been filled with exciting events for me. I am very pleased to be taking part in the upcoming Rotterdam Photo Festival 2019 in Netherlands, where I will be showcasing my latest single work of my recent series along with 29 other photographers.

More details are as follow:

More details will be updated nearer to the event. Keep a lookout at this page.

Meanwhile, here is the programme statement, as quoted from the official website, for your reading pleasure:

Ever since the inception of photography, image makers are fascinated by the constant change of the city and city life. An iconic image of Louis Daguerre, known as one of the early pioneers of photography, provides us a beautiful analogy how photographers are challenged to portray the complex dynamics of city life: a shoe polisher focused at work at a seemingly tranquil Boulevard du Temple. But anyone familiar with the photographic procedures knows that the shutter time of 15 minutes hides the hectic Parisian city life of the 19th century. 

Nowadays, the contemporary image maker has a broad range of optical technologies at his disposal to overcome these technical challenges but sees himself confronted by complex city dynamics. Modern metropoles are sewed together in an endless urban conglomerate and in this century the majority of the earth's population lives in urban territories. The amount of megacities, cities with more than ten million inhabitants, has increased to 47, but simultaneously ‘city’ life seems more and more universal and uniform with the rise of the ‘Global Village’ as Marshall McLuhan predicted in the sixties.

The notion of our surroundings, of the place we call home, are drastically changing with these developments and we are seeking to grasp the flexibility but also the limits of urban expansion. Rotterdam Photo invites images makers for this upcoming edition CITY LIMITS to rethink the different perspectives that photography can offer to reflect on our notions of city life in the past, present and future. 

Changes visible in architecture and urban planning or in the representation of our relationships, whether personal, social-cultural or political, offers ways of seeing the city with different eyes, exposing its many hidden layers. The city for the photographer is a theater, an observation post and whether the photographer wants to express its poetry, provide social critique or express artistic values, the festival welcomes a manifold of interpretations of that reflects on us and the city.


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