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Featured on ArchDaily - ST Engineering Jurong East Hub by Kyoob Architects

This is very much overdue, but never too late to share the great news. Congratulations to Kyoob Architects for being featured on ArchDaily with their notable project in 2023 - ST Engineering Jurong East Hub.

Text description by Kyoob Architects. Situated in the heart of Singapore’s next commercial center, Jurong East, ST Engineering's Jurong East Hub houses its Smart City and Cyber businesses. Inspired by the patterns of a circuit board, we have worked this into the design of the façade, unifying both the existing building and new annex together as one cohesive development. The design of ST Engineering’s logo was incorporated into a unique architectural screen that wraps the podium block to form a visually strong base from which the tower block rises. These screens allow visual porosity whilst also functioning as an environmental screen.

Read the full project showcase here:


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