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Peranakan Museum - Feature Video

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Singapore's go-to destination for Peranakan heritage, the Peranakan Museum, has finally reopened to the public on 17 February 2023 after almost four years of renovations. Here is an architectural feature video we have recently produced:

The refreshed museum showcases the multi-faceted diversity of Peranakan culture with a focus on inclusivity, featuring communities such as Arab Peranakans, Chinese Peranakans, Chitty Melakans (or Peranakan Indians), Eurasian Peranakans and Jawi Peranakans.

Visitors will encounter collections of objects with themes of origins, home and style, inside the museum’s nine galleries spanning three floors, all within the historic building of the former Tao Nan School, built back in 1912.

Find out more:

Special thanks to Peranakan Museum Singapore for hosting the filming session.


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