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New Video Series: The Grand Singapore Hotels

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

After a few months of planning and filming, we are proud to share our latest production in 2022: The Grand Singapore Hotels.

Inspired by Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Grand Singapore Hotels explores the architecture, interior design, unique features, and great people behind the facade of 5 remarkable hotels in Singapore through a symmetrical, planimetric perspective. This 5-episode mini-series is a follow up project to the short film "A Wes Anderson-ish Singapore" that focuses on the hotel and hospitality aspect of Singapore’s urban fabrics.

The selection of hotels offers a glimpse of the diverse forms and functions of hotel designs, paying tribute to the hospitality sector who have braced the storm of the pandemic for the past 2 years and counting, as well as to the academic award-winning film through cinematography and screenplay references.

Ep1. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay – Singapore’s first Garden-in-a-Hotel, and the forerunner of the country’s most ecologically focused and innovative hotels

Ep2. The Barracks Hotel Sentosa – A former military barrack built in 1904, meticulously restored in this charming idyllic getaway, where old world charm meets modern day sophistication.

Ep3. Oasia Resort Sentosa – A wellness focused resort with dedicated conservation and sustainable initiatives

Ep4. The Clan Hotel – A modern luxury hotel with a nostalgic story to tell, paying homage to the past with modern architectural language

Ep5. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel – a harmonious blend of timeless heritage with modern luxury through meticulous conservation efforts of 2 historic buildings

Architect information:


Architecture – John Portman (Portman Architects)

Interior Design – FDAT Architects

The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

Architecture – ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism

Interior design – KKS International Co. Ltd

Oasia Resort Sentosa

Architecture & Interior Design – DP Architects

The Clan Hotel

Architecture – DP Architects

Interior Design – KKS International Co. Ltd

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

Architecture – Richard Meier & Partners

Interior Design – Jaya International Design

The journey goes on at The Grand Singapore Hotels.

Full Series Playlist:


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