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Vessel - Never Too Small Ep. 181

Updated: 2 hours ago

NEVER TOO SMALL has just published the third of several Singapore projects in 2024! Introducing Vessel, a young couple’s Japanese Inspired loft, Singapore with a size of 41sqm/441sqft. Interior design by Metre Architects -

Project writeups by NTS:

Tasked with creating a minimalist, elegantly designed home whilst retaining most of the existing finishes, Woon Chung Yen and the team at METRE Architects introduced a unique timber loft into the 4.7 meter high ceiling of this newly built condo. The ship-like loft evokes a sense of traditional Japanese carpentry, with sculptural rib-like joinery and space-saving alternating half-step staircase. The loft also serves as an architectural feature wall, discreet storage, and a dedicated office space. Additionally, METRE Architects replaced the dividing wall between the living room and bedroom with four sliding fluted glass panels, a simple yet impactful change that significantly opens up the space and offsets the lowered ceiling height.

Ep 181

Project Name: Vessel

Architect: Woon Chung Yen

Produced by New Mac Video Agency

Creator: Colin Chee

Director: Nam Tran

Cinematographer: Kevin Siyuan

Producer: Lindsay Barnard

Editor: Sebastian Tibbs

Music: A New Deep by Dear Gravity on


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