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Explore 5 Photogenic Hidden Gems in Singapore with Canon EOS R System

As part of Canon's R System campaign, I was privileged to get my hands on the Canon EOS R5 last month to explore several photogenic hidden gems & secret places off the beaten tracks around Singapore. Here are the places I have visited.

1. Skyville @ Dawson

Singapore’s beautiful urban landscape is best appreciated from above. The skygarden of Skyville @ Dawson offers panoramic views of the southern and western parts of the city-state. Canon’s colour science algorithm enables me to capture vibrant urban scenes that are more pleasing to the eye. Enjoy stunning details with EOS R5 45 megapixel full frame sensor. The multi-function button enables quick swich between video and photo mode with greater control, this makes hybrid shooting an easy stroll.

2. Skygarden at SkyParc at Dawson

Since you are here, also check out the skygarden at SkyParc @ Dawson too. You could enjoy the iconic view of Singapore as a city in nature. Try EOS R5’s auto exposure bracketing for some creative shots too.

3. Urban Farm at Funan

Enjoy a touch of green at the heart of Singapore’s Civic district, where Canon’s colour science could bring out the best of sustainable architecture. Push your footage quality to greater heights with EOS R5’s 8K video capabilities.

4. Former Queen’s Theatre

Get up and close with the street and uncover a hidden historic gem at the Former Queen’s Theatre. The EOS R5’s various video features enable quick and smooth footage captures on the go, focusing on the architectural details that tell a story of the building’s former glory.

5. Terrace Garden at Telok Blangah Hill Park

Hidden behind a flight of stairs on top of Telok Blangah Hill Park, the Terrace Garden offers a secret getaway for nature lovers. The place has a rich history, of being the former site of the Thousand Buddha Temple. The artistic landscape design and breathtaking view on the hill-top makes the garden a hidden gem that shines brightly under the morning light.

The EOS R5 also has a number of ergonomic features, from face detection and tracking, vari-angle LCD with touch & drag focus, and the multi-function button which enables quick switch between video and photo mode with greater control, these make hybrid shooting and content production much more efficient.

Singapore is filled with so many other hidden gems. Start your own journey and make them shine with Canon EOS R system, your delightful hybrid shooting companion.

Hope this video will inspire you to start exploring other hidden gems in Singapore. Special thanks to all friends on Instagram for suggesting your hidden gems to visit!


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