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One Holland Village, a lively integrated development designed by MKPL Architects

Updated: May 29

Shop, dine and bring your pet out for a walk at One Holland Village, the latest integrated development by Far East Organization, designed by MKPL Architects.

Project writeups by MKPL Architects:

OHV (One Holland Village) is a dynamic project that seeks to enhance the vibrant essence of Holland Village by integrating high-quality design and inviting public spaces. The architectural approach is mindful of the neighboring low-rise shophouses and their streetscapes, ensuring a harmonious blend with the existing environment. Embracing a contemporary style that responds adeptly to the tropical climate, OHV prioritizes creating a lively public realm that fosters pedestrian activity and bustling street life.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional shophouses, the architectural language of OHV weaves together familiar elements into a fresh narrative, seamlessly extending the existing street patterns to maintain the organic feel of Holland Village. The scale and rhythmic façade of the development, mirroring the width of shophouses, contribute to a cozy village ambiance that encourages people to gather and connect.

The design vision behind OHV is to craft a place that resonates with people, striking a balance between sensitivity to the surroundings and bold innovation. By introducing courtyards and open terraces uncommon in Holland Village and Singapore at large, OHV creates a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of tenants' shop front designs, including signages and awnings, adds a touch of authentic 'messiness,' reminiscent of a vibrant village setting.

The office block within OHV complements the village character with a low-rise and welcoming façade, incorporating generous sky gardens and landscaped decks. These green spaces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a more serene and nature-inspired work environment, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the surroundings.

Moreover, OHV stands out with its curated public amenities such as pet areas and pocket parks, seamlessly connected by sheltered walkways to the neighborhood. This connectivity and thoughtful curation of spaces make OHV a unique and inviting destination that promotes community interaction and a friendly atmosphere.


C&S Consultants: KTP Consultants Pte Ltd

M&E Consultants: Rankine & Hill


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