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Splitting Light, Inter-Terrace House by ZIVY Architects

Updated: 21 minutes ago

Introducing "Splitting Light", an inter-terrace house designed by ZIVY Architects.

Project writeups by ZIVY Architects:

Nestled in the west part of Singapore, this reconstruction project is anchored by the desire to reinvent new ways of engaging with existing ordinary elements of the site.

In designing a home to accommodate the young couple with a growing family, a sense of connectedness and spaciousness were prioritized.

To achieve this, the existing split-level ground was first replicated to the newly constructed upper levels. An internal central void was then introduced, with open-sided staircase and open family areas placed alongside it. Experienced in its totality, the layered split atrium space offers a new vertical continuity across levels.

Overhead, a deep sloping skylight can be found. With natural daylighting and glimpses of the changing sky forming part of the house experience, we are reminded again of a greater space beyond what is within.

Project details:


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