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[Photography & GIS] - Popular Photo Spots in Singapore - April 2019

If you are having trouble making everyday decisions, you would probably be perplexed by these tough questions such as "where to go for dinner?" just like we do. The same thing applies in photography. Most of the time we might have some sort of clues of where to go, but sometimes, we dont. We just dont. To make our lives easier, we have decided to seek the help of the community, using a cool map making tool called GIS (Geographic Information Systems), through an approach the pros called VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information), the result will be a series of maps with photographs as location based data, which we hope to share with everyone on a regular basis. We create the maps, the credit goes to the community. We hope through this endeavour it will nurture us a new hobby of writing more stuff instead of just taking pictures, make photography more data-driven. Ultimately, hope these additional information will be useful to you.

Here goes our very first map:

View the web app in full screen:



  • Gardens by the Bay

The iconic Gardens by the Bay is the most popular photo spot according to the Flickr community! It may not be surprising to the local community but the sheer number of times this garden has been photographed in April is just amazing. Definitely worth seeing here if you have never been here for some reason. (Credit: ivy_xyxyx / Flickr)