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[Photography & GIS] - Popular Photo Spots in Singapore - May 2019

The Popular Photo Spot project is back in June! We decided to continue this as a monthly project and hopefully after some time the project would give us a much panoramic perspective of photography from a GIS & spatial data perspective. If you have missed out the previous post do check it out here:

In addition, this month we are also covering another new city, Tokyo. For travellers visiting Japan do check out our post here:

Without further ado here goes the map:

View the web app in full screen:



  • Gardens by the Bay

The iconic Gardens by the Bay remained as the most popular photo spot according to the Flickr community! Indeed the tulip exhibition has been a splendid success as we see many #naturephotography activities going on in the Flower Dome. Something worth noting is the latest attraction that was just opened recently: Floral Fantasy. More information here (Credit: 阿橋花譜 KHQ Flower Guide / Flickr)


  • Jewel @ Changi Airport

As the latest landmark of Singapore, Jewel continued to be magnet of photographic activities. In addition with the opening of new attractions such as the Canopy Park and Sky Net as stated here, we are certainly looking forward to seeing more pictures from Jewel next month onwards. Make sure to check this out if you are into #architecturalphotography. (Credit: 鱼眼 / Flickr)


  • Dairy Farm Nature's Park

There has been quite a bit of #birdphotography activities happening at Dairy Farm Nature's Park last month. We utterly loved the photographs of unique birds such as orange belly flowerpecker as well as crimson sunbirds captured there. (Credit: SaffronSpice / Flickr)


  • Jurong Lake Garden

Another interesting place with emerging #naturephotography activities is the recently opened Jurong Lake Gardens. This is Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands featuring some amazing landscaping features and biodiversity. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy nature.

(Credit: Robert-Ang / Flickr)


Here are some highly viewed photos on Flickr we have selected:

Credit: paulcore8118 /Flickr

Credit: GVR Photography /Flickr

Credit: Robert-Ang /Flickr

*Additional information:

As you may have noticed the data from social media in general tends to be rather disorganized. We did some basic data wrangling and cleaning before using the data to create this map. What we recommended on this post are based on certain trends we spotted on the data, but not entirely on the statistical nature of the data. Essentially we just wanted the data to speak for themselves and it is really up to you to explore the map to see if there are any particular photo spots that you may be of interest. If you find anything inappropriate or have other great suggestions in terms of data visualizations, please feel free to drop us a message.

That's it for now! See you again for the next post. Happy exploring!

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