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[Photography & GIS] - Popular Photo Spots in Tokyo - May 2019

The Popular Photo Spot project is back in June! We decided to continue this as a monthly project and hopefully after some time the project would give us a much panoramic perspective of photography from a GIS & spatial data perspective. If you have missed out the previous posts do check it out here:

Our new city this month is Tokyo! We love visiting Japan for all its food, culture, architecture and scenic places, so from this month onwards we will be adding Tokyo into our coverage.

Without further ado here goes the map:

View the web app in full screen:



  • Asakusa Sensoji Temple

As a result of the Sanja Matsuri, Asakusa appears to be one of the most vibrant places in Tokyo in terms of photographic activities in May. We have found lots of interesting photographs of the festival, which definitely makes the already famous temple worth visiting. The festival will be held annually in May. Even if you have missed it, the temple street itself is a great sightseeing spot in every occasion. More information on Asakusa Sensoji Temple here (Credit: sekiwake / Flickr)


  • Koinoburi at Tokyo Tower

Fish are flying at Tokyo Tower! We have spotted quite a number of intriguing photos of Koinoburi at Tokyo Tower in May in honour of Children's Day. Find out more about this special occasion here. (Credit: hiro.qli / Flickr)


  • Akasaka Palace - State Guest House

We thoroughly enjoyed viewing quite a number of beautiful photos of the Akasaka Palace freshly taken in May. That's why we thought this would be a great spot for #architecturalphotography if you have yet to visit this amazing heritage building. Find out more about its history here. (Credit: Spicio / Flickr)


  • Kyu-Furukawa Garden

Another scenic spot we have discovered through Flickr's #naturephotography would be the Kyu-Furukawa Garden ( 旧古河庭園 ). This is a garden of western architecture in fusion with the traditional Japanese landscaping elements. The scenic night scene looks amazing and peaceful, definitely worth trying out if you have had enough of Shibuya and Shinjuku. Find out more about the garden here. (Credit: kimagurenote / Flickr)


  • Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple (Ome, Tokyo)

Also known as the temple of flowers, the Azalea Garden of Shiofune Kannon-ji has caught our attention due to its #naturephotography activities in May. The large fields of blooming Azalea look simply amazing in pictures. Also, do check out the Ome Station area for some inspirations of #streetphotography (Credit: t.kunikuni / Flickr)


Here are some highly viewed photos on Flickr we have selected:

Credit: t.kunikuni /Flickr

Credit: S.R.G - msucoo93 /Flickr

Credit: Matthias Harbers /Flickr

*Additional information:

As you may have noticed the data from social media in general tends to be rather disorganized. We did some basic data wrangling and cleaning before using the data to create this map. What we recommended on this post are based on certain trends we spotted on the data, but not entirely on the statistical nature of the data. Essentially we just wanted the data to speak for themselves and it is really up to you to explore the map to see if there are any particular photo spots that you may be of interest. If you find anything inappropriate or have other great suggestions in terms of data visualizations, please feel free to drop us a message.

That's it for now! See you again for the next post. Happy exploring!


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